Volleyball Setting Terms – Four Quick Sets You Should Know About

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After a setter has mastered the regular high ball-to-the-outside sets, there are a series of quick sets that should become a part of your volleyball setting repertoire. These sets are meant to be used to speed up your attack and to keep the opposing blockers and defense on their toes and guessing about what type of plays your team will be running against them.

One set – A one set is usually a quick-paced set in the middle of the net, traditionally placed at a height of about one foot above the net and is the primary set given to the middle blocker. The height of a one set will vary depending on the middle blocker’s jumping ability, reach and armswing speed. For example some players may not jump very high in the middle, but they may make up for it with a very fast armswing, so by working with their setter in practice they both can determine the right speed and the right height that their one set should be delivered in order to beat the block.

Some teams have coaches that prefer that a one set is the same no matter what for everybody, and that every team member has to learn to hit this same type of ball, set at a predetermined height and speed, while other coaches prefer that the setter adapts the one set to fit each player’s individual physical attributes. so a higher jumper will get a one set higher while a quick arm swing player will get the one set at a faster speed.

Quick set – The quick set is pretty much another name for the one set but in higher levels of competition can be delivered at much much quicker speeds.

Double quick – The double quick is called by a setter who really wants to quicken her offensive attack and signals two of her front row attackers to run a front quick set and a back quick set at the same time. The players that are involved in this tactical play are commonly the middle blocker who makes her spike approach for the front quick departing at the same time the right front player, or opposite hitter will make her approach for the back quick.

This play is designed to keep the opposing team’s middle blocker and left side hitter ‘honest’ by staying and jumping to block with the two double quick attackers while the setter will shoot the ball or set a high ball to her outside hitter who now has the advantage because she only has to hit against one blocker, instead of two.

Two set – The two set is a slower paced set which reaches approximately two feet in the air, normally placed in the middle of the court and/or goes up and comes down right where the setter is.

The two set is your “second speed’ set, the type of set that is considered the second option to run in a play. It’s not as fast nor as low as the one set and in higher levels of competition can be hit from different areas along the net by different players coming from different positions. For example, as a left side hitter I use to love to come all the way from left front to hit the two set in the middle.

One of the most well known uses of the two-set is the ‘X’ where the middle blocker comes in to hit a one set, while the right front player makes a spike approach that takes her in front of her setter (thus the name ‘X’ because with her approach she ‘crosses” to be in front of the setter) who sets her the two set which she should go up to hit as her middle blocker is coming down from her approach for the one set.

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