Honest Sports Betting Systems

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A search for sports betting systems on the internet would lead you to believe that if you are not winning 97% of your bets you are a loser. But is there anything out there you can call an honest sports betting system?

A fair question is whether or not the systems that advertise a 97% win rate are for real. Are they honest about the claims?

I have read almost all of the systems that are for sale, even the 97% systems. They are, without fail, based on progressive betting. To win, the systems require that your team wins one out of three games that fall within the system parameters.

Some quick math shows that if you flipped a coin three times and picked heads every time, you would have an 88% chance of winning at least one toss. That translates to the same percentage of winning a bet based on picking one out of three winners by flipping a coin for each game.

If you could pick a consistent 60% winners, you could bet any three games and win 95% of the time. So as you can see, 97% really isn’t that much of a stretch. It would not be very impressive to say that you have found a series of three games that have a probability of 65% for each game until a win happens.

There are a lot of honest sports betting systems out there. Even the over hyped ones that claim 97% are not too far off the mark. The problem with them is that books also have them and adjust the odds accordingly. Those adjustments taint the honest systems.

But the books can only adjust for what they know. That is why I recommend you build your own little systems and keep them to yourself. That is the only sure way to make sure you have an honest sports betting system.

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