Here are the results: Team Blake: Holly Tucker and Danielle Bradbery were voted through by viewers

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“The Voice” revealed which singers made it through to the season’s top 12 on Wednesday, but not before host Carson Daly announced that there was a glitch with this week’s voting results.

“Tonight we’d like to be completely upfront with you,” Daly said. “We noticed some inconsistencies with this week’s texting and online voting.”

He then introduced Jason George, CEO of “The Voice” vote-tallying company Telescope, who addressed the problems and said they did not affect the night’s outcome.

“For fairness, those votes have been removed from Monday and Tuesday’s results, but we want to assure fans and artists alike that this in no way affected the outcome for any team,” George explained.

NBC added in a statement: “On this week’s episodes of ‘The Voice,’ we encountered issues with the systems used for online and SMS voting. We are addressing both issues, and in an abundance of caution are not counting the votes that may have been affected. Telescope, the independent company that administers voting for the show, has certified that removing those votes does not affect the outcome for any team.”

Two members of each team advanced to the next round based on viewers’ votes. The coaches could then choose to save a third singer from their team to continue in the competition.

Here are the results:

Team Blake:

Holly Tucker and Danielle Bradbery were voted through by viewers. Blake Shelton then had to choose between the Swon Brothers and Justin Rivers. “For the sake of keeping things as different, as diverse in the competition for my team, I’m gonna save the Swon Brothers,” Shelton said.

Team Shakira:

Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas go through. Choosing between Garrett Gardner and Karina Iglesias, Shakira says she wants to keep the singer she thinks she can contribute the most too, and keeps Gardner.

Team Usher:

Michelle Chamuel and Vedo are voted through. “I honestly did not see that one coming,” Usher said, before choosing to keep Josiah Hawley and 바카라사이트 sending Cathia home.

Team Adam:

Voters chose Judith Hill and Amber Carrington, leaving Adam Levine to choose between Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser. “As much as we like to make music a game, this is more important than a game,” Levine said. He’s almost cut off by the end of the show, but quickly blurted out: “I have to save Sarah.”

In addition to the night’s eliminations, there were also performances from Rod Stewart and former “Voice” coach Cee Lo Green.

Stewart took the stage to perform “Finest Woman” from his new album, “Time,” and was then joined by Gardner, Iglesias and Hawley for “Forever Young.” Green performed his single “Only You” with season 2 finalist Juliet Simms.


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