“And so I then said, ‘That’s it, no more

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<img src="http://image.baidu.com/search/http:%5C/%5C/a2.mzstatic.com%5C/us%5C/r30%5C/purple6%5C/v4%5C/66%5C/41%5C/26%5C/664126d0-87e9-1da2-5b89-fb41a8b21f3c%5C/screen568x568.jpeg" alt="457003213415下载_4570032134″ style=”max-width:430px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;”>”Lost” star Evangeline Lilly says she has some bad memories from her time on the hit ABC series. During a new interview on a podcast, 서산출장마사지 the actress said that she felt “cornered” into doing a scene partially naked. She said that when she was talked into undressing onscreen against her will a second time, she told the show’s producers “no more.” 

Lilly shared her traumatic story with the hosts of the “Lost Boys” podcast, which is dedicated to rewatching the hit show that ran from 2004 to 2010.

“In Season 3, I’d had a bad experience on set with being basically cornered into doing a scene partially naked, and I felt I had no choice in the matter,” Lilly recalled. “I was mortified and I was trembling, and when it finished I was crying my eyes out and had to go on and do another very formidable and strong scene immediately after.” 

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Lilly said in Season 4, she felt taken advantage of again during a partially nude scene. 

“In Season 4, another scene came up where Kate was undressing and I fought very hard to have that scene be under my control and I failed to control it again,” she said. “And so I then said, ‘That’s it, no more. You can write whatever you want—I won’t do it. I will never take my clothes off on this show again.’ and I didn’t.” 

She also said that she clashed with writers and producers over the storyline of her character, Kate. She was especially annoyed by Kate’s love triangle with Jack and Sawyer. 

“I wanted her to be better, because she was an icon for strength and autonomy for women, and I thought we could have done better than that,” said Lilly. 

ABC declined to comment. 

Lilly is not the only actress who has spoken out recently about a negative experience shooting a nude scene. In December, Salma Hayek said Harvey Weinstein pressured her into doing a nude scene for her film, “Frida,” which she was starring in and producing. She said, “My body wouldn’t stop crying and convulsing,” while shooting the scene.

Last February, Debra Messing said that while shooting an unexpected nude scene she did not want to do for 1995 film “A Walk in the Clouds,” director Alfonso Arau said, “Your job is to get naked and say the lines. That’s it. You should be grateful to have this part.” 


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